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AAA Flea Market Supply has many shipping points located all across the U.S. so you can save on the freight costs. The customer is responsible shipping charges, and can use their own shipping, but we work with you and the freight companies to ensure you get the best price. All merchandise F.O.B. Shipping Point. All freight is collect.

We Export To All Countries!

Shipping Time
Shipping time depends on FOB location to your location. In most cases it takes 5 business days. It could be as high as 12 business days if your area is in a small city and has a long point to point distance. What ever the case may be, the trucking company will call you before delivery. You will also have a tracking number as soon as the trucking is paid for.

Do I pay you for trucking or do I pay your trucking company?
It does not matter. It would be a little quicker if you pay us at time of wire transfer. Or, we can have it sent collect so you pay the shipping company when it arrives. Some customers like this as it gives them time to make more money before the load arrives. If a load is to be sent collect, our shippers need to register you with them. You will need to fill out a credit form. This however, could delay the load departing for a day or two. You can also pay the trucking the same day you send a wire to us. Trucking is offered as a courtesy to our customers. We offer it at at our discounted cost.

Are there any other costs that I should be made aware of?
If you are buying by the pallet, there could be a slight increase, or decrease, depending on the class and weight of the item. The only other costs that may apply is with having the right equipment to unload the truck, i.e. fork lift, pallet jack, and loading dock. When we arrange shipping, we ask these type of questions, so this should not be a problem down the road.

We have many other shipping points throughout the U.S. that include:

  • Atlanta, GA.
  • Columbus, Ohio.
  • Woodland, CA.
  • Reno/Sparks, NV.
  • Fogelsville, PA.
  • Bennsanville, IL.
  • Milwaukee
  • New York
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Nashville, TN
  • Eau Claire, WI
  • Findlay, Ohio
    and many more around the U.S.

Method of Freight Transportation: Purchaser will be held responsible for transportation costs from the distribution center(s) and/or warehouse(s). All claims and/or shortages must be submitted directly to the freight carrier.

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